Tips Received Funding from Venture Capital

A lot of things that we often consider when deciding to start a business. One of them is the problem of capital. Lack of capital materially might just make us not dare to step up a great business decision. But if we could manage the business effectively and advanced, capital constraints is not a big thing because we can borrow it from investors.

One institution investors who are able to provide loans for a variety of #startup technology is Venture Capital. Venture Capital does not hesitate giving injections of capital for us to develop a better business. But to get help from institutions like capital Venture Capital is not without conditions.

For colleagues who may be interested in learning the capital Venture Capital, here are some of the terms that we have to meet in order to receive venture capital from Venture Capital:

1. A large market

The availability of a huge market can help businesses grow businesses in greater so that maximum profit margin calculations whatsoever can be maximized. Therefore this kind of business with a huge market will further facilitate the us accepted by Venture Capital.

2. Customers who are Loyal

A good business should have to have loyal customers who buy business products and we quickly and many repeat orders.

3. Deliver what Customers Need

Customers certainly want us to provide services and the best solution to a problem so that the focus and purpose we make will give you an advantage and give priority to the interests of the customer.

4. focus on a product

Focus on a product to be developed is the value of the strength of a business.

5. Can Save Expense

A good business should be able to obviously save spending and prioritize the important things first.

6. the Deft and precise target (Agility)

New businesses are started naturally have to be more nimble and right on target to surpass the large participation of companies.

7. Act of discipline

As the party that pioneered new business, capital and resource limitations forced us to have to be more disciplined in running the business.

Not only about that provision, various other criteria are also commonly used to determine whether a business is viable given the capital assistance or not. Criteria often used by some business plan competition include:

A. With a Solid Team.

It took a solid team with a business pioneer who led the business trip. When the pioneer was already has plenty of experience in the field of business that is pursued, it could give a positive influence for the trust to be awarded the investor Party. Not only as an experienced business pioneer, the pioneer of these should also have a supportive partner in the field of business.

B. the uniqueness of the idea developed

The idea developed by a business must be original, new and capable of answering the needs of its customers. So that business planning is not only effective when done in the present but also have a bright prospect in the future.

C. Reaching Out To Many Target Markets

Such a huge target market will provide opportunity for a business to develop and introduce products. Because businesses must evolve rapidly and tastes as well as market demand. Making business promotion as one of the means to reach a larger target audience could be an advantage for the development of our business.

Raising capital independently or bootstrap will indeed give a satisfaction for us. So that we can pour idealism for the sake of realizing the dream of business we want to wake up. Although obtaining capital from Venture Capital it looks easy, but it’s not that these things make us retreat from a full time job that we get into. Because the Venture Capital will seek to assess our business in more detail and carefully. The competition to get a run with so strictly.

Small Business Opportunities

Nowadays more and more entrepreneurs are popping up in Indonesia. Large-scale entrepreneurs not only but also small and medium entrepreneurs, even small businesses is currently undergoing considerable improvement of its growth. The existence of business opportunities with small capital to get people to try to build his own business. Quite a lot of small and medium entrepreneurs not only opened the store his physical but virtual stores on the internet that can reach many more people, even some online entrepreneurs that I know has an income that makes my “drool”. Well after I see my contacts online business was very successful, I am interested in creating articles related to business, be it a business offline as well as online.

Some would-be entrepreneurs often experience obstacles when wanting to start a business to them. And the obstacles we often hear is the lack of initial capital to start their business. You might think it would be better to borrow money from banks or seeking investors, it is true that step can be done but this is not an easy matter. Most banks and business investors will definitely ask our previous business experience and also other information we don’t have, and finally we can’t get capital. Then, whether the shortage of capital hampered for us to start a business we want? Of course not! We could start a business that can be done though with minimal capital because we can find lots of small capital business opportunities around us.

If we’re talking small business means we do have to keep got enough capital to start the business. We still have to spend money, in addition to that we also have to have the capital of non-material such as the knowledge of the business will be run, capital of hard effort & willpower. We can use what is around us to maximum the effort will be run, for example, make use of the House as a place of business in order to reduce the cost to rent a place, make use of family members in the running of the business to reduce the cost of the salaries of employees, and others.

Some business opportunities with small capital that is often carried out by small and medium sized entrepreneurs:
A. Offline business from home

There are an awful lot of small capital business opportunities that can be done from home. We can do all the processes running a business properly without having to rent a place. However, we must consider the market that exists around us, will there be people who need products that we sell on there? The following are some types of home-based business with little capital we can do:

1. Open a sewing service

A lot of people who want to sewed their clothes with certain models and sizes, so they must always seek the services of sewing clothes for them. This business is very suitable for people who have an interest in fashion, surely you must have skills in sewing and designing clothes.

2. The culinary Business

If you have a unique food recipes or can make a snack popular with many people, then you should consider this business. This venture is perfect for people who like about culinary. Not a few people who managed to run the business of food, even his business growing and opening branches in other places.

3. Sell electrical pulses

Start a business selling the current pulse is very easy with only a capital of Rp 100,000 – Rp 300,000 we can already start this business, matching is done anywhere and anyone. If you are someone who is active in a network, the organization where its members quite a lot, or college kids, then selling a business can be very lucrative toll lho because we can sell it on to friends who are in the network, organization, campus.

4. Open Private Course

When we have the ability in a particular field, for example; Guitar, United Kingdom, computer languages, and others, we can provide private tutoring in your home or can also be done in other places depending on conditions.

5. Opening stalls or food stores

The business is already working on it a lot that we should look at the level of competition that exists, the location, and also the capital we have.

6. Service business design, photo editing, and printing

Surely we should have the ability to use photo editing software such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, and more. To open a digital printing or digital printing, you do not have to have a very large capital. We can partner with digital printing entrepreneurs already underway, such as Wanabi Print.

7. Open the laundry services

Laundry business would be greatly in demand when located near campus, rent house. If we look at the laundry business is increasingly numerous and increasingly diverse services, some even offering to pick up clothing that will be laundry. When you feel this business suit you then you should immediately do so because this business will always be sought after by many people.

B. Online business from home

Online business is perfect when combined with offline businesses that we have. For example we have stores that sell furniture beautiful, well we can sell our furniture online, and of course the market will be more widespread because it could reach more people. If we do not have an offline business, we can still build a business online. The following are some of the online business that can be done from home with small capital:

1. Affiliate Business

This is a business that is widely practiced by many internet marketers either abroad or within the country. We don’t have to have a product, but we can sell other people’s products through the internet, whether through blogs, social media, email, and more, and we get a Commission on the percent of the total price of the goods sold. Any product sold various shaped products, there is a physical, digital, and also shaped shaped membership.

2. Business by creating an Online Shop

Have an online store is very easy now. This business can be run by people who have an offline store and want to increase sales by selling online. But this business can also be done by people who do not have a product, i.e. by way of joining dropshiping offered by a manufacturer of goods.

3. Business Advertising on your blog/website

This business is very suitable for people who have a web or blog with high visitor traffic. One of the business model of advertising is to follow the program of PPC (pay per click) such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Kliksaya, Kumpulbloger, and others. In addition to PPC advertising, advertising business model to another is by way of offering ad space on your blog with the price that you have specified.

4. become a freelance writer

Currently pretty much know who lead the profession as a freelance writer, writing articles or writing articles United Kingdom language language of Indonesia. For the article United Kingdom language usually rate his more expensive than Indonesia language articles. There are several places to explore to get the job of the people who are looking for the author of the article, for example:,, and many more.

5. Online MLM business

This is a Multi Level Marketing business that is run online. Unlike conventional MLM business usually time-consuming and energy for activities meetings, follow up the prospective member, and the purchase of the goods, all the process can be done online. However, please note that not all MLM business had a good system, make sure Your online MLM business follow have great products and systems and profitable.

6. Sell Services Online

There are many services that can be sold online. One of them is the service make a website/blog or professional who is often referred to as a web developer. Business opportunities on this one I think is very potential for not a lot of people who can create a professional website for their business. Read my reviews about business opportunity to become a web developer.

Actually there is still a lot of small capital business opportunities that we can do from home but unfortunately I can not write down everything in this short article. One thing we need to remember that even though the business or businesses that run only with a small capital does not mean the advantages that will be obtained also. The proof is that my acquaintance, he did not have the product itself, with a small capital business she runs a dropship, but earnings in the get overwhelming, even greater than the salary of a Bank Manager. Mission and vision, passion and hard work that is done continuously it will give maximum results, even could have exceeded our expectations.